1. A few recommendations, Contact Info

    I would like to recommend the following tumblr blogs to all the writers out there that follow this project:

    http://www.dearmeat.me/ — This project is ran by former fellow ex Campnorth writing mod Matt Hooker. The concept is to mail (or email) letters of thought and emotion so that they can be displayed. Really a great project.

    http://newspaperblackout.tumblr.com/ — “Newspaper + Marker = Poetry” Cool, right? I would suggest this idea to any experimenting poet out there. This is also a concept that I hope to bring to Newgrounds very soon. 

    While the Private Messaging system on Newgrounds is great I understand that there may be a need to contact the project through other means: please contact the staff as ngpoetrybattles@aol.com. This email address also serves as an instant messenger. 

    For now this is it. Take care guys.


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  2. Website/blog

    Welcome to the first stand-alone home for the Newgrounds Poetry Battles!

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